Student Post Requirements

All posts, pages, and comments must be approved by your teacher before they are published online.

Effective November 1st, each post should contain the following:

  1. 2 paragraphs of five sentences each. You will find that most posts require  more than this in order to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.  Your paragraph(s) should be very informative or deeply reflective and well organized. They should be written in an interesting style with carefully selected words that bring your post to life.
  2.  2 citations of sources used in correct MLA format (you should cite the source correctly in your text when bringing up a fact from any source, and if you use word-for-word information, you should use quotation marks.At the bottom of your post, skip a line and write Works Cited: (followed by correctly formatted MLA citations of the articles used for information). If you are citing pictures, please cite them beneath the picture in smaller font. REMEMBER:  We are using our grammar book as the reference on how to do this.  The basic format it provides for an internet article is:

    Author’s last name, First name.  “Title.”  Site Title.  Site sponsor, date of posting or last update.  Medium of publication. Date accessed.

  3.  2 related images with either the copyright-free image source  (see my “Copyright-free Images” page) or an MLA-style citation beneath it (the image citation does not count as one of your two required citations).
  4.  2 links that flow within the content and add context to the post
  5.  2 tags of keywords of the post
  6.  A correctly labeled category
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