Student Comment Guidelines

 Please follow these guidelines when commenting on posts. Although you may not use all of these on every comment, always start with a positive comment.  Each comment should be a minimum of five sentences.  Remember: the purpose of commenting is to join a conversation, not to just casually remark.

1. Be Positive

Point out something positive that you appreciated or connected with in the original post. Tell them something nice.

2. Connect With the Author

Talk about a time when something similar happened to you or how you have experienced something like what is discussed.

3. Respectfully Disagree

You will not always agree with every writer. That is to be expected! However, it is expected that you will respond with a kind and respectful tone.

4.  Be Appropriate

All of your statements should be school appropriate.  Remember that your comments can be read by anyone (from teachers to principals to parents) and not just by your friends.  School disciplinary action will be taken if comments are inappropriate. If you are unsure about your comment, ask me!

5.  Be specific

All of your statements should be specific enough that I know that you actually read the assigned article and not just skimmed it.  Do not just compliment the author:   “I really liked what you said about ____”.  Be specific and explain what you like or dislike and why.  Be sure you are giving  meaningful feedback.

6. Ask Questions

If you have questions for the writer, ask him!

7. Use Good Grammar

Your comment should be at least five sentences in length.  Sentence fragments, run ons, and comma splices do not count. You are expected to use good grammar.

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