Citations should follow this model from our textbook for both the research paper and citing images/information on your blog:

Author’s last name, First name.  “Title.”  Site Title.  Site sponsor, Date of posting or last update.  Medium of publication. Date accessed.

Dates should be recorded following this model:  13 Oct. 2015.

Please place image citations directly beneath the image in smaller font. If the picture is from one of our copyright-free sources, you may simply put the name of the website in parentheses beneath the picture.

Place all other citations at the bottom following the words  Works Cited.  Example:

Works Cited:  Smith, John. “How to Play Basketball.”  Sports Illustrated.  ESPN Network, 15 Oct. 2015. Web. 27 Sep. 2016.

*For multiple citations, please put them in alphabetical order based on first word of the entry.

**If the article does not have an author, start the entry with the article title.

*** If the entry goes into more than one line, the second and subsequent lines should be indented.  Edublogs does not indent with the tab key.  You will have to manually space over five times for this.

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