Blogging? What’s Stopping You?


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Silvia Tolisano-Langwitches has some great things to say on this topic.  Basically, the three biggest reasons people may have an aversion to blogging are:

  1.  They believe they have nothing interesting to say
  2.  They believe they are not good writers or don’t like writing.
  3.  They believe they don’t have time.

She cleverly responds to each of these issues.  Although she is addressing educators, her message applies to you, too.  To read her rebuttals for each of these concerns, read

and watch this video:

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36 thoughts on “Blogging? What’s Stopping You?

  1. This was a very informational and interesting blog! I fully admit, my main problem when it comes to blogging is that I have never had enough time to write, Although the blog lists some solutions to this, those solutions are simply not applicable to me on most days. That being said, however, every problem is fixable; they sometimes require more work than one is initially led to believe. The solution that I can come up with is to try and take some time out of my life to write at least something, as well as to spend as much time blogging as my schedule will allow.

  2. The reasons why I would not like to do blogging is time issues. Because I play 3 sports, have a job, and have other homework and activities to do all throughout the week. Another reason is I dont have anything interesting to say or anything to grab the readers attention from the beginning to get them interested in reading my blog. Also, Im not very fond of writing, it is difficult for me. SInce i dont feel very confident with myself enough to have others read what I blog, I wouldnt do it that often

  3. After reading the article, I have determined that my greatest concern with blogging is that I simply don’t have the time. I would like to blog, and I think that it may be an educational experience, but I don’t necessarily feel as though blogging is a major priority to me. I feel as though doing the more important things in my schedule may not leave enough time for blogging. Although I don’t believe Silvia Tolisano-Langwitches really gave much of a solution for such an obstacle, I could personally try to find time to blog, and maybe even make time instead of doing other activities that may not be as productive.

  4. I agree that past writing assignments has made it where I no longer enjoy writting. Although, I am hoping blogging will change that thought about writting. Middle school essays were fun, but I like to write about my own ideas, not what the teacher wants. I am willing to give blogging a try to hopfully make it where I enjoy writting again. I just want to enjoy writting again like the way I did when I was younger.

  5. My main concern is that I don’t have time. I know everyone says that, but I really don’t. With watching my nephew, going to church, and worrying about my grandmas health and my school, I barely have time to even work on my homework. Although I don’t have much time, I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with everything. I agree with Silvia that some people just say they don’t have time, but I know I don’t and I’m still going to try to keep up.

  6. I’m not a big fan of writing, Plus I’m not good at writing. I more or less try to keep to myself because I find it more relaxing. Another thing thats stopping me from blogging is that I dont have anything to say. I’m just your average person, and there’s really nothing that I have to say.

  7. I agree with one of the reasons people do not like blogging. The one I agree with is that they do not have time to blog. I like to write, but I do not have time to blog. I really do not know when i’ll be able to do blogging besides in class. Although, blogging does seem fun and a great way to meet people. I think I will become more involved with blogging the more I do it.

  8. My main concern for blogging is the fact that I have no time to do it, and I feel like I will have a hard time figuring ideas. Since I run an established rabbitry, I have little time at all to even complete my homework. This is something I feel that a lot of highschool students struggle with. However, I can only imagine the possibilities of having my own blog, and I honestly would not mind giving blogging a go.

  9. I don’t have time to write blogs. I’m busy right after after I get out of school, and never get a break. I’m busy running errands, doing chores, homework, and other things. Although I get done early sometimes, I still have to play with our puppy and shower, and then when I’m all done, I’m super tired, and I live out in the country and get no internet either. This is why I don’t have time to write blogs.

  10. The only thing thats really stopping me from blogging is that i doont have enough time to. I’m usually busy with work, homework, or people. Also I’m not that great of a writer and I dont really know how to start things out, unless i put a lot of thought into it.

  11. She did a very good job on this article. I notice that alot of kids don’t like writing in class because most of the time teachers won’t let us pick the subject, or because they think its boring. I agree that a lot of people dont think they have enough time, but in reality they do. Blogging also seems like a good way to learn how to right.

  12. I feel like I have nothing Interesting to say. Because I don’t do that much Interesting things, but I will try my best to make it Interesting. The only things that I do is play video games. And hang out with friends. But I will always try to do this and have a positive attitude about it.

  13. I feel as if I am not a good enough writer, and I can never think of what to write about. Although I know what to write about when I do research papers. I feel as if I never have anything intresting to write about. I always do better on research than I do writing about something intresting. So, this is why i feel like I never have anything intresting to write about.

  14. I’m not a good writer,and I didn’t even know how to start this comment. I don’t have time to blog because I’m always working. I don’t have anything interesting to say, nor do I like to write. If I blog then it wouldn’t be interesting.

  15. My greatest concern is not having anything interesting to say. Sometimes I have great ideas but when I go to type and it doesn’t come out the way I’m thinking it. I hope to be better at this as we continue our blogs. Practice makes perfect and that’s what I want to achieve. Thank you for your time to come out and post this.

  16. Although they believe that they have nothing interesting to say, there is a time limit or the person just does not want to make time. The writers are good writers, and they do not want to write complete sentences. Although the writers believe they do not have time to write or understand how to write a complete sentence, I feel that writing is good for people in a good way. I think people are good at what they do.

  17. I believe I don’t have any time for a blog. Since I don’t ever have time in any other class, to blog or brain strom. If we were to have a class where all hour all you did was get on a computer and blog, then sure I would have time, but in my own time I have other homework and such to work on.

  18. My greatest roadblock when it comes to blogging is that I don’t think I have anything to say that people will enjoy, and that people will think that what I have to say is stupid. I don’t feel that what I think is good, is actually good. I feel that what I have to say is stupid. Because I have been writing books lately, sharing my ideas with people, and they really like what I have to say. I still think that what I have to say is not that interesting, but I think that I will get over it.

  19. I believe I don’t have time to blog, but then again we don’t have much time in class to always blog, unless we start at the beginning of the hour . Although we will be doing this frequently, I should be able to blog enough weekly. I think blogging is a fun and expressive way to publish my opinion online. I think it just depends on when we can comment, and how much time we have in class. I feel this will be a great experience.

  20. Writing is my least favorite thing to do in school. Since kindergarten I’ve always disliked writing or doing any kind of writing assignments. I feel like blogging will make me a more creative writer ,and would give me chances to say things I usually wouldnt say on regular social media. I’m excited to get to see evryones comments and posts. I’m sure everything is go just fine.

  21. The only thing stopping me, is when I write. I enjoy to write on my own time when im not distracted. I have ADHD and everything distracts me. thats why I tend to wear headphones. but I lost them so i dont have anthing to block out extra terrestrial sounds.for example, other computers keyboards, someone walking, whispering, a pencil even scratching on paper. everything distracts me.

  22. Before we went over the article, I believed that I had nothing interesting to say. I always felt nothing I thought of was good enough, but that is not the case. I may think it is nothing extrodinary however it may not be to someone else. All I need is self confidence and a open mind. I can not wait for this begin journey to begin.

  23. The article mentioned not having time to complete and or make up a short story or opinion to complete a blog. I believe, that some people don’t have the time it takes to come up with a complete opinion on a certain topic. Many individuals have a strict schedule working, homework, and family. After school isn’t always the best way to get something done, but maybe in school would help students be able to complete their thoughts.

  24. This article mentioned not having anything interesting to say. This spoke to me because I always feel like I never have anything interesting to say but her saying that anything will matter to a person, made sense. The article also makes me feel better about blogging because it mentioned every reasoning of why I did not like it at first and made it sound better. So yay to blogging!

  25. In my bileif, I honestly dont have time or have the motivation to do so. Its not that I have a problem with writing, trust me I love writing, I just have better things to do. I understand its for my education, but honestly we have been doing English, and all of it for 12 years know, so that is another reason I have no motivation for it. I dont have time to do it, because I get piled with alot more homework throughout the day. However, if I am offered class time, I will take advantage of that oppertunity and get as much as I can done.

  26. My main problem with blogging is issue 1, where I don’t believe I have anything interesting to say or to blog about. I suppose that stemmed from thinking about writing for others and not for myself. I also do not have too many hobbys, so I figured I would have nothing to post about. If I post for myself, it eases it a little bit and helps me think about my options. It makes me think that I don’t have to be pressured by what I post to others to write my own blog.

  27. My greatest concern is that I will get behind and not have the time to do it, but I will do my best to try not to get behind. The reason that I might not have time for this is because I live on my own and have more responsibilitise than a normal 17 year old girl. However, if you give us time in class, I think that I might really like it. I am not really that into writing, but that is only because I thought that I was a bad writer. I am learning that the more you write the better you get. Since I have been writing more, I have started to like it way more now.

  28. My biggest issue is I don’t have the time. The lady said that I needed to prioritize everything that I am doing, but outside of school I am very busy with sports, homework, volunteering, helping around my house, and keeping my horse up to date on his training. Although, if we do it in school I feel like it would help with my ability to be able to do a blog. Doing a blog would be easier if we have time to do it in class.

  29. I actually enjoy writing, but only when I am not being forced to write about something in class. I would have to say I do not have enough time to blog outside of school, because I have a job. Since I work, there is little time to do anything. However, if I am given the time, I am able to complete an assignment. If given more opportunities to write, I will.

  30. Blogging would not nessesarily be an issue to me. I am just not a very strong writter, but I am willing to try. Although I dont think I am very good at it, I have been told I am okay at it. Another reason I do not like the idea of blogging is because I dont really like to write. Well thats all for today have a nice day.

  31. Not having enough time to write is my main concern with blogging. In class, I manage to get a lot of things done. After school, I am always busy with sports and homework from my other classes. Having the opportunity to blog in class is exciting, and I can’t wait to share my opinions with others. My cousin has her own blog, and she is always posting her opinions on intersting topics.

  32. I think that I don’t have time for blogging because after school I go to work. So when I get off work I’m super tired because loading all that hay and doing all that walking is very tiring. When I get home I eat dinner, and take a shower. Then I take a nap because you do better on your homework when your well rested. Then I wake up, and do my math homework then whatever else I have. Then I go to bed at about 10:30 because Henry needs his beauty sleep. So I don’t have time for this because I’m a busy busy bee, and a busy bee can’t do everything. The lady said that I should prioritize, but I mean if I have spare time outside of school I’m gunna chill with my peeps. If we do this in class It’ll be chill, but outside of school is not ok. Shazam.

  33. My main reason for not blogging is because I feel like I am a horrible writer. I love to read, but when it comes to writing, I have trouble thinking of what to say. Although I did say I’m a horrible writer, I also feel like I have no time for it. After I get home from school, I have to help clean the house and finish my homework. By then it’s not long from when I go to sleep. Plus when I get a job, I will have less time.

  34. After reading this article, I found that my biggest problem with blogging is because I feel like I am a horrible writer. I also feel that I do not have enough time because I work, have homework in other classes, I take care of my grandparents, and my extra activities with school. I often have trouble thinking of what to write. However, after reading this article, I am actually really excited to be blogging in class. I just hope when we blog in class that we will have enough time to do it in class.

  35. What is stopping me is, I would rather use my free time to read as a 3rd party. I have very little interest for expressing myself over the internet. The internet has been known to have hackers and very shady people crawling about. I’d rather read others blogs than wright a blog about anything personal. Only I have to now so I can pass this class.

  36. After I read this article, I realized many things. First of all I feel as if there is no point to blogging, but I do like the fact I get to customize my own page. I never have enjoyed writing, unless you give me a topic I like to talk about. However, I’m sure I will begin to enjoy blogging. Hopefully we only have to do this in class, because I don’t have much time outside of class.

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