Using Parenthetical Citations with Paraphrases (RTI only)

Using yesterday’s links, write a three sentence paraphrase of the first paragraph of the first article and insert a parenthetical citation.Β  If you did not submit a comment yesterday, please do that today.

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One thought on “Using Parenthetical Citations with Paraphrases (RTI only)

  1. Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria, is a hot-spot for the Syrian conflict. The city encapsulates everything wrong with the war, from starving to violence. 15 doctors have written similar messages about how they have not seen any true involvement from the US to protect the citizens or end the siege on Aleppo.

    Hassan, Hassan. β€œOpinion: Why the United States must change its failed policy in Syria.” CNN. Cable News Network, 16 Aug. 2016. Web. 10 Jan 2016.

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