EBSCOhost – Research Database

Our high school, along with thousands of colleges nationwide, is using EBSCOhost for our research needs.Β  Please note that you can only use this while at school, as our school pays a subscription for access.

Please click here to enter EBSCOhost.

Click on EBSCOhost > Explora-High School > Current Issues > More.

Click on the user icon (the person icon on the top right). Create an account using a username and password that are familiar to you.Β  Write it down in your notebook.

Click on your issue.

Click on articles that you think may support your view.Β  If you believe you may use this article, click on the + tab beside the article title to add to your folder.

You will be turning in your electronic folder to me at the end of the unit.

We will not be printing our sources but storing them online instead.



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