Writing Your Resume


                           “Executive Mid-Career Resume Writer.” Linkedin, Linkedin, 2016, https://www.linkedin.com/company/resume-writing-services-dc.                          

Your resume is your personal commercial for a future job or scholarship! It must be error-free, and it must be impressive.

Today we will look at various examples of resumes, analyze which are good and for what reasons, and then use a template to create one for ourselves on Google docs that you can actually use in the future.

Please click here to access the template.  After accessing the link, log on to your Google account. Go to file, and select “Make a copy”.  The new copy will open and be saved in your Google Drive.  This is the copy you will edit for your resume.  In the future, after you have the knack of writing a good resume, you should choose to create a more personal resume and not use a template.  However, for now – the template is fine and the option I want you to use for this class.

After you have finished, please share your resume with the email address on the board.  Your final resume is due Monday, October 3, at the beginning of class.


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Writing a Letter of Appreciation

Today we are writing a letter of appreciation on Google Docs to a member of our local law enforcement. In your letter, thank the officer for specific things that you appreciate.  Consider the many duties law enforcement officers perform every day while dealing with the public.  This is an opportunity to encourage and uplift a public servant for a job well done!

Please use this form as an example on how to format your letter:


“Business Letter Format.” Best Business Template, Best Business Template, 2013, http://thegreenslate.com/business-letter-format.html.

The only differences will be as follows:

  1.  On the first line of the second heading, place the name of your chosen officer.
  2. On the second line of the second heading, write West Plains Police Departmen

Make sure your letter looks balanced and is not top heavy:  add extra spaces between parts of the letter if necessary.  The body of your letter should be at least five sentences long.

When you are finished, please edit and revise your letter.  Check for capitalization errors and spelling errors, and then share with me, using the email address on the board.  Once your letter has been approved, you will be asked to fill out an envelope for your letter.  If it is not approved, you must go back and make corrections. Please let me know when your revisions are finished.  Only approved letters will be graded.